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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

Gotcha, the thing is at least for me I don't want science involved when it comes to Thor. I liken the Norse gods to Greek or Roman gods. Just like there's a mythological place called Mount Olympus there's Asgard. I just picture these fictional places as misty faraway lands where they can watch us from afar. Now where do we literally place them, I don't know but to me the explanation has to be more magical or fantasy than scientific.
Fair enough...

That's like turning the Lord of the Rings into a Sci Fi movie. It's fundamentally flawed.
LOTR is a total fantasy film with no roots in our world... Thor on the other hand does have roots in our world. So that example is off. Not to mention that while the Thor movie may or may not be in a totally fantasy-film setting, the Avengers will not be. So, I see this being a bit problematic for the acceptance of the character and his involvement with characters like Ironman... But again, I will relegate this discussion to being a matter of opinion.

And I agree completely that the Pyms need to be central to the core team. If Antman gets a movie, then the backstory can be provided there. If not, then they can become involved outside of filming, with dialoque could set the stage for their backstory.

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