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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

Here is how I see Hank, and why he is essential for this series:

Hank is one of the world's best minds, on par with say Tony Stark. Maybe he was one of SHIELD's brightest minds before Stark Industries began to overshadow him. As we go on, Hank feels less and less important to the team. He is constantly trying to become relevant again, not for SHIELD, but for himself. The others make him feel small, so it is ironic his power is he can shrink. I see this lack of self-respect leading down a path of ignoring/poorly treating Janet, since I doubt they'll make him a wife beater, and possibly drive her away from him entirely out of jealousy. This lack of self-respect I see also driving him to attempt to create something that will overshadow anything Stark or anyone has done. I see this invention going horrbily wrong in the sequel: Ultron. He is a tragic figure. He had the brains and the resources, but he never suceeded the way Stark or others have. It eats at him all the time. And he knows it is his own fault.

Pym is one of the greatest underused characters in comics. This is how I'd approach the character if I were writing the Avengers.

I'll post my full Avengers pitch later.

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