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Default Re: The Avengers roster for 2011

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
I ddn't say he's more important on the grand-scale, but he's a much more important AVENGER. After the trinity (Steve, Tony, Thor) the Pyms are possibly the most important avengers. Other than forming the team, Hulk has very little to do with the avengers.

If anything the three it will be built around will be Cap, Iron Man and Thor, the marvel trinity; considering Hulk's movie didn't light the box office aflame, I can see him having a slightly lesser role than Cap or Iron Man.

I know you didn't say that. But I didn't say you did. As for more important. I am pretty sure the fans would rather see the big three like I said then Ant man or Giant man. That's just from my opinion. Every none fan but big movie fan I have talked to would rather see Hulk, Cap and Iron Man than Ant Man

What I said is what I would think from Marvel's point of view. They would use the characters audiences are more used to. Whether Antman can sell is unsure but Hulk and Iron Man already did good, well Hulk did okay, and Cap is one of the biggest in Marvel so if I were them that's what I would do. I could see Pym as more of a side character or the one who brings them all together.

Also, Edgar Wright said Antman will NOT be a comedy but will have funny events and things in it.

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