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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

Ultimo. A non-human-controlled machine. That's scarier for Iron Man. Stane's flaw was his arrogance, a human trait. An unstoppable robot (possibly controlled by The Mandarin...or maybe just a sentient machine) would be ideal if they had to go with another machine type villain.
Instead of being made by The Mandarin, how about if it's Stark Industries' project becoming self-aware? If they go with Stark's alcoholism, that would tie in well to him losing control of his life. Mandarin must be in IM2. Ultimo and Mandarin double threat, but no team-up. Could work. Iron Man's rogues gallery is kind of bizarre.

Edit: I guess it actually wouldn't make sense considering Stark Industries no longer manufactures weapons. A last minute deal made by Stane? He should have a lasting effect on Stark.


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