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Default Re: Tim Burton's Batman 3

Originally Posted by Goodfellas View Post
You guys all judge him just because he was in scary movie and a bunch of other movies

Have u seen REqueim for a dream or Lady Killers?

I noticed a bunch of people on these forums think anyone that is black and does comedy is usually a bad actor by assumption its quite pitiful but hey this website is filled with ignorant jerks

Whilst I cannot say that there are no racist people on these forums, and I am sure there are. I dont think it is a fair assumption to accuse someone of being racist purely from not liking Marlon Wayans. I dont like him, not because he is black, but because he is a poor actor, I have not seen anything credible from him and I thought he was the worst actor in Ladykillers.

I personally think Billy Dee would have been great as Two Face, he has the charm and the acting skills to pull it off.
I just think that Burton would not have pulled off the character though, Harvey was not an integral character in B89 and BR and I dont know if the empathy towards his downward spiral would have worked as it should.

However this is just speculation and we will never know how good or bad it could have been.


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