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Default Re: Who else hated Batman's portrayal in JUSTICE LEAGUE (Timm)?

They required those story lines because hey ultimately wanted to show the justice league slowly and surely start acting very similar to the justice lords which was essentially the whole point of the cadmus arc.

Evolution of untrusting heroes where the ends justified the means no matter what was at cost.

As for bats, we all know he has never been much of a team player and he eventually leaves the team for one reason or another, even in retirement he kept the last remanining piece of kryptonite on planet earth because he ultimately never trusted superman after the darkseid incident in superman tas.

even in the secret society double parter you can see the strain it puts on superman to work together with other heroes, he's engulfed completely on representing the saviour of hte planet and he's able to see things others can't in luthor. His humanity and prejudice seeps out knowing fully well with all his powers, he can't really do anything to stop him.

I preferred these more complex and oposing personalities, it added something to cartoons that really hasn't been seen in western animation before, a real depth to characters and a solid story arc that had started out decades before with everything coming together perfectly.

the one thing you can't say about dcau is that it has plot holes, the whole universe is pretty damn solid.

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