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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by margon View Post
so what?

they're stories. Superman doesn't need you standing up for him from that mean old hack Frank Millar.

never mind the fact that you confuse 'hate' with a legitimate questioning/examination of what the superman concept respresents.
Biases taint that 'legitimacy'. Miller is basically taking a dump on Superman in order to make Batman more awesomer dude! BUY THE CHROME and the PLATINUM COVERS of this book too!!

Calling him out on that isn't 'standing up for a fictional character. It's a reader speaking out on what a writer is doing. They are stories. Readers get to judge what they read.

There is the Superman Concept as depicted by Byrne, Stern, Jones, Bridwell, Bates, Hamilton, Binder and a host of other writers. Then there is Frankie all on his ownsome over there screaming "It's a lie. I and I alone, only me know the truth!"

Or it's hatred of the character. Miller may not be fully sane, but I don't think he's that far gone. So my vote went for Hatred.

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