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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

I don't know about this. I could see a PG-13 or TV14-rated cartoon show on some place like Cartoon Network's Adult Swim or HBO or G4 where Dini and Timm could both write it but it would be in the vein of the Nolan movies. That way if we never got to see The Joker again in any movie you can find a voice-impersonator to play him in the cartoon.

I don't want "BTAS" designs or drawings but more focused on looking like the actors in the Nolan movies. I also think like "Gotham Knight" did was, this could allow "unrealistic" villains that Nolan would not use to be in the show: Killer Croc, Clayface, to name others.

I mean who could you get to play Gordon, Batman, and others if in a live-action show? I'm sure Oldman, Caine, Freeman, and Bale wouldn't take anyone else's direction unless it was Nolan's.

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