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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

Originally Posted by LOUD_SILENT_MAN View Post
Same. Nolan's universe takes a very realistic view of Gotham. Villains like Clayface, Manbat, Killer Croc, etc. wouldnt be able to exist in his Batman universe.

Plus, as much as I love BB and TDK (and I really, really do) they arent really all that fun, in a traditional superhero way. I would like to see that in a live-action series.

I also would love the idea of having Paul Dini and Bruce Timm involved. Dini has actually written live-action before (he wrote an episode of Lost. Not bad, huh?)
I don't know if this will help or anything, but I know a guy who said his friend or friend's wife (or some relation to him) died a while back of a disease that causes your organs to turn scale-like... I don't know what the disease is called or if it would spread to the skin or anything, but perhaps this disease could shed light on a possibility of Killer Croc in Nolan's series?

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Your username makes me think of sparkling female parts.

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