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Default Re: Batman live action TV series

Originally Posted by LOUD_SILENT_MAN View Post
Same. Nolan's universe takes a very realistic view of Gotham. Villains like Clayface, Manbat, Killer Croc, etc. wouldnt be able to exist in his Batman universe.
Yeah, yeah they would. Killer Croc suffers from a legitimate disease - epidermolytic hyperkeratosis. Anything else depends on his character background. Sure, he can't exist as some giant crocodile but that's a silly way to handle him anyway - unless of course he looks like a giant crocodile to someone injected with fear toxin. Gotham Knight shows how you could handle the character.

Clayface originally didn't have any superpowers. As a shapeshifter, yeah, he couldn't fit into Nolan's universe. But stripping all the versions down to the original origin story means he could.

Originally Posted by Gianakin_ View Post
Oh my God... you're one of them... the Clean Ones, the Untouched, the Innocents! Endgame is the Dark Knight compared to the Source. You have no idea. NO idea.
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