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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Frank Miller has stated that All-Star Batman & Robin does take place in what he calls his "Dark Knight universe," officially designated as Earth-31. And this Dark Knight Returns character's appearance in Miller's All-Star Batman & Robin makes it obvious that they are indeed officially connected. Miller has made it clear that All-Star Batman & Robin takes place after Year One and before The Dark Knight Returns and DK2.
I'm sorry but the appearance of "characters" from one book to an other is in "NO WAY" proof of a connection between universes.....specifically when we're talking about comic characters that dwell with in a multiverse that is also known to have a few pocket universes within it.

And even the writers desires,wants and statements are hardly proof of anything.

Grant Morrison made a statement that he was bringing "Son of the Demon" back into continuity once.

He made an official statement a few months [almost a year] before his "Batman & son" arc started.

We now know that he only brought in a few elements from "SOTD" and not the entire story.

So while Frank may have said that there's a connection,and he may be implying it threw the use of characters from the serries there has been no official word connecting the two universes.

Besides....there are a few character portrayal inconsistencies as well as a few cultural ones [very minor thou] as well to place any statement made by Miller about a over all connection into question.

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