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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by theMan-Bat View Post
Frank Miller has made is pretty clear within the story that it is connected, taking place between his Year One and his Dark Knight Returns. The reference to the Joker's poisoning of the water supply ties in All-Star Batman & Robin to the Year One continuity, as does Jim Gordon's affair with Sarah Essen, whom he is clearly still in love with, while still being married to Barbara, and references to Jim's past in Chicago (where he was moving from during in the beginning of Year One). And Jim even mentioned that he reads to his son, James Jr. (born in Year One) every night and hopes that he will become an Detective one day (Jim claims that he is very observant), and the inclusion of the Joker's henchwoman from Dark Knight Returns links the continuity of All-Star Batman to DKR, as well.
And I'll say it again.....Franks statements [or any writters],and anything that can be implied by his story telling in "All Star Batman" is "NOT" proof of a connection between both universes.

You can point at as many similarities as you like but it is in "NO WAY" proof of a connection.

And the introduction of characters from an older story into a new one is also in "NO WAY" proof of a connection between the universe.There's no way of telling that those characters arent just alternate universe counterparts of the characters in TDKR.

Look at the current JSA arc and the inclusion of "A" Kingdom come Superman for an example of this.

I can sit here and point out quite a few character portrayal and plot inconsistencies that leave any of Millers statement in question.

First and foremost would be the inclusion of young Barbra Gordan into Franks the All Star Universe.

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