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Default The Avengers (2011) = the end of the X-men?

After Ironman success, then The Incredible Hulk and Marvel plan to create a big franchise with the Avengers....

do you think it could be the end of the x-men saga?

Ironman was a bigger success than X-men: The Last Stand, that's really relevant.

The next Marvel movies will be Ironman 2, Thor, Captain America and the so much awaited Avengers movie.

We can say that will be a really big event, Ironman, Hulk, Thor, Captain America and more all together, this movie willl be big, and will have a great impact in the boxoffice, maybe in the line of Spiderman films, we don't know yet...

but the issue is the x-men franchise.... do you think the audience will loose interest in them with the Avengers movies in the next years?

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