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Default Re: The Avengers (2011) = the end of the X-men?

Originally Posted by SNIKT1950 View Post
The Avengers franchise has NOTHING to do with The X-MEN franchise.

Its just testament of another studio rallying the troops for the Summer blockbuster war.

FOX was on top for a few years until SONY's Spider Man movies took over.

Now we got Warner Bros. with their Billion Dollar Batman franchise that hasn't even entered its third installment.

FOX will continue to make X-MEN movies.

SONY will continue to make Spider Man movies.

Warner Bros. will continue to make Batman movies.

*MARVEL will continue making Avengers movies.
I think you didn't understand the point, snikt.

We're talking about the audience... and the interest in the x-men.

Ironman and Dark night have surpasss X-men numbers, Dark night was a bomb, bigger than Spiderman, and Ironman being the first movie and surpassing X-men 3, that's really relevant.

Ironman 2 probably will have a better boxoffice than the first, and with The Avengers, people could end loving that franchise, and start forgeting the x-men.... that's the point.

Avengers movie is 3 years since now, but I'm sure it will have a big impact in the boxoffice, bigger than Ironman, and obviously, bigger than X-men.

will Fox make X-men 4?..... we don't know yet....

will Marvel do Avengers 2?.... that's for sure.

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