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Default Re: The Avengers (2011) = the end of the X-men?

Originally Posted by X-Maniac View Post
I think Fox must also be aware of their failings with the series. The movies turned out reasonably well but often fall short of their potential, either through underfunding or through poor judgment in technical areas such as directing/writing/acting/casting.

It's worth noting that X2 made the most profit, according to BoxOfficeMojo. For a budget of $110m it made $408million, a profit of $298million! While X3 was made for $210m and produced $459m at the box office, a profit of $249million. However, According to TheNumbers website, X2 had a $125million budget and a $406million box office, a profit of $281million while X3 had a $150m budget and a $459m box office, a profit of $309m. Either way, the box office of X3 didn't soar as high as many expected. It should have hit the $500million mark really.

While I don't rave on about X2 like many people do, it is a more consistent film than X3. Having seen all three films back to back in IMAX, the differences and deficiencies in each film were very apparent.

Well, they did already allow X2 to exceed two hours. In fact it could have been longer if several key sequences weren't cut from the script. What's most amazing is the running time of X3 - most people believe it to have been too short for the momentous storylines it was trying to support. When are we getting an Extended Edition???
I agree with a lot of what you said. But after seeing the deleted scenes from X3, all of them, not just the 11 or so the USA received, there really wasn't much cut that would've added any real substance to the movie.

I also don't like to rave about X2, because there are faults within that movie as well, as there are faults with all movies. No movie is perfect, even The Dark Knight.

I loved TDK, but I don't believe it is the "end all" of comic movies.

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