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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Originally Posted by sto_vo_kor_2000 View Post
I have to disagree.

The Dark Knight batman seemed unwilling to kill.

He down rights mentions that he hasnt crossed the line yet up till that point.He used rubber bullets on the mutant gang members and stoped short of killing the Joker.

But in All Star he seems perfectly confertable with killing [or possible killing] a group of corrupt police officers by landing the Batmobile on top of their car.

Even if they didnt die they could have.And Batman was alright with that.

TDKR's Batman was not that willing to kill.
He shows he's actually against killing in All-Star Batman & Robin.

And it's pretty clear to me that he didn't kill those corrupt police officers.
They are running from their cars before he crashes into them.
I don't believe he was trying to kill them.
I believe his intent was to demobilize them, strike terror into their hearts, and injure, make them suffer, sure, but not kill.

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