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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Iron Man was more entertaining and I really enjoyed it, that being said the Dark Knight is the better movie to me. I liked Iron Man more because it wasn't so...despressing. Hell, I'm get kinda detailed.

My scores for the Storylines:

Iron Man: 7.5/10

The Dark Knight: 9/10

My Scores for the lead actors:

RDJ 9.5/10

Christian Bale 8/10

My Scores for the villains:

Obadiah Stane 7/10

The Joker 9.5/10

My overall scores for the entire cast:

IM 8.5/10

TDK 9.5/10

My scores for the action scenes/fight scenes:

IM 8.5/10

TDK 6.5/10

Just wanted to do something different.

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