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Default Re: "Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe."

Originally Posted by fabman View Post
This whole crossover / Avengers story sucks! Honestly, I want to know how the story goes on, what's happening to Tony Stark & Co. All these planning, crossover-ing and forcing these franchises into the Avengers flick ruins it quite a bit. Those flicks are not movies anymore, they're just one, big fat giant corporate s**t. Iron Man is a very well-done movie, and I don't see why you should ruin the sequels by forcing 'em into this corporate crap. Damn...
Basically the entire Iron Man movie there were little hints leading up to the Sam Jackson/Nick Fury scene though. I really like the idea, everything becoming interconnected, all these heroes sharing a universe. I don't think it will affect the single character movies. Really in Iron Man 2 as far as the "larger universe" I think just having a scene with Tony, Nick Fury and maybe General Ross, discussing where things are at with the Avengers Initiative is enough, the search for Banner, reports of an Asgardian god, an expedition up North to find remains of Captain America, maybe at an under construction Triskeleton or Avengers Mansion.

Until Spidey and MJ are back together again, Make Mine DC, 'nuff said.
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