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Default Re: Why Does Frank Miller Hate Superman?

Frank Miller sure draws Superman a lot for a guy that "hates Superman."
Action Comics #400 back cover art by Frank Miller of Superman in silhouette with the American flag:

More Superman art by Frank Miller of Superman flying with a kid in space:

What Frank Miller says about Superman in Comics Interview #31 makes it clear that Frank Miller does not hate Superman.

"Superman is such a great character. Superman was created during the Depression in response to a feeling of powerlessness, as a statement by the boys who made him up, that we do have power! Superman was the common man, he fought battles for the rights of people. Many of his stories are anti-war statements. They make the very strong point that in war, men are murdered by their own government! Superman would drag generals to the front line of battlefields so that they'd be in danger and realize that their men were. Superman fought corrupt employers, robber barons, he actually represented something -- the common man. What I discovered is that when you're working on a character like Superman -- that legend is really what's in control. The essential things that makes Superman had to be in John Byrne's version and in mine.

Originally I intended to avoid the whole issue of Superman in the story (Batman: The Dark Knight Returns) because I thought his presence would dwarf Batman. I had originally planned on just simply coming up with some excuse that got him off the planet at the time the adventure takes place. However, as I thought about it I found ways to use Superman's history to make it conceivable that Superman could exist and yet the world could still be a lousy place to live in. As a matter of fact Superman is now a major force to the series - he permeates it."

I love how Frank Miller has Clark give the classic Superman wink in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. That's right out of both the Fleischer cartoons and The Adventures of Superman TV show starring George Reeves, complete with the classic glasses with the round frames.

And I especially love the classic red and black Fleischer-esque Superman emblem that Miller gives Superman in DK2.

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