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Default Re: "Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe."

does this count:

Originally Posted by YJ1 View Post
Anyone else read the bonus story attached to the Walmart Iron Man DVD? It's an excellent little comic that tells of Nick Fury and Agent Coulson's behind the scenes dealings during the events of the film. It's very well written and extremely interesting. The reason I'm posting here is the story eludes to Stark's father's involvement in Project Rebirth.

It states that, off camera, Tony pulled the old files on an alloy his father worked on during WWII. Tony found an example of the alloy in his father's archives and then used it to strengthen his suit of armor. It shows him working on a Captain America shield in a small panel. What Tony found was just a prototype, a reject of Cap's real shield. According to the story, that's what was on Tony's work bench in that one scene.

About the shield...

"The final product was lost... although you can bet your life we'll never stop looking for it."

This is brilliant and it ties the Avengers arc together. I wonder if this is the path Marvel is taking?!?!?

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