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Default Re: Who else hated Batman's portrayal in JUSTICE LEAGUE (Timm)?

Originally Posted by C. W. Saturn View Post
He is such a self-righteous jerk in that series. If he had behaved the same way in BTAS I would've never become a fan of him. In his own series he was much more likable. But in JL? An ***hole.
I was actually thinking the other day of how much I liked Bruce Wayne better in the original BTAS... back when Wayne and Batman had different voices and back when Wayne was a nice guy, not a complete dip ****. I still LIKE the later Batman, I just think it's over the top at times.

There's a scene where Orion says he would never attend some honorary event for The Flash and Batman just looks at Orion without a word... and Orion, intimidated, agrees to go. To me, that's just WAY too over the top. Bruce Timm basically made Batman God-like with every bit of luck in his favor and dumbed down all the heroes around him. Flash is usually fast enough to take out one super villain but not two, Superman gets floored by car bombs or a rocket launcher, etc... but Batman is always on the ball and outdoing everybody.

I love Batman too much to care a lot, but it does get old.

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