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Default Re: Who else hated Batman's portrayal in JUSTICE LEAGUE (Timm)?

I actually liked how Batman was even more of a jerk in JLU. It seemed to fit in with the DCAU depiction of him rather well. In my view, the DCAU Batman becomes more of a jerk with the passage of time. It seems he's more humane in the first season of the Animated Series, where we see the Grey Ghost episode and Batman interacting with kids more (The Underdwellers and I've Got Batman In My Basement.. I know, a lot of people like to pretend those episodes don't exist ). Appointment in Crime Alley is another good example of his more human side.

Then he seems to become more obsessed with the mission as time goes on, resulting in Dick leaving him (a decision heavily influenced by Batman beating a man in front of his family). Obviously, Batman becomes even worse in JL and JLU, ultimately resulting in the ultra douche that we see in Batman Beyond - a man who has grown so cold that he almost lets Terry be beaten to death for stealing his bat suit.

From "Old Wounds":
Robin: [You're] Batgirl!? I still can't believe it! How could you keep something like this from me?
Batgirl: You weren't exactly honest with me, either.
Robin: But you told him.
Batgirl: He knew.
Batman: It wasn't my place to tell you.
Robin: But it was your place to put her in danger!
Batgirl: It wasn't like that! I volunteered.
Robin: You think you did! You don't know him like I do. He manipulates, pulls strings. Anything to get what he wants.

There's a very similar speech about Batman from Terry in JLU: "Epilogue". This is from two of the people closest to him. Bottom line, Bats was a jerk long before and long after he joined the League.

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