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Default Re: "Mr. Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe."

Originally Posted by imnotbatman View Post
i think, while the idea of an avengers and JLA movie sound cool, i dont think they will work because then you have to focus on ALL the heroes and villians instead of just one. i think its something that works in the comics but probably would not work in a live action film. however, from the looks and sound of things, and by the ending of both ironman and hulk, it sounds to me like marvel studio's REALLY want to make an Avengers movie. it almost sounds inevitable.
X-Men says "hi" guys.

It's not as if the Avengers is going to be the first ensemble film ever created, people are making way too much out of nothing. Yes, the Avengers movie will undoubtedly take focus away from the individual characters, but that's what their solo films are for, THIS is supposed to be about the TEAM as a whole, that's the whole point.


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