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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

I'm biased being a Batman fanatic, but I will say this, IM was kickass! It had action and comedy, where TDK had action and drama. Both movies had things I thought could have been better...for example;

TDK - While there was an improvement on Rachel, I felt Dent/Two Face was kinda forced through. I disliked the non-perma white Joker, and personally I wanted to see the actual construction of the new suit, as opposed to just the pieces. I don't know why, but I just really am interested in how Batman builds his suits instead of just seeing the pieces then the completed suit.

IM - The final confrontation left something to be desired, but there was plenty of action throughout the movie to make up for it. I loved how Tony developed a social conscious of what Stark Industries was doing and how he wanted to change that. Once again, I'm about suits, so I loved when Tony was designing the Marks, and geeked out when he suited up in the Mark III.

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