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Originally Posted by webhead731 View Post
It's called "Iron Man" on the soundtrack. It starts out with Obidiah telling Tony about it (which I really like) then I think it has the part with Tony blasting the windows, then it goes into when he suits up. I noticed in the movie when he's suiting up, there's a bit of score that didn't make it onto the CD.
The next track is Gulmira which seems to have a part at the beginning which seems to fit well when he lands there and starts using Repulsors and stuff. I think that was cut out to just make that scene silent. Then it goes into when he destroys weapons and the whole jet scene.

I really like the score. He does have some themes. Like Spidey, he has more than one main theme. I love them all. They work super well with Iron Man.
This track 'Iron Man' it seems to have Gulmira combined for the end part, either way it kicks major ass

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