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Default Re: Tim Burton's Batman 3

Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
Wow. You're pretty much an ignorant bastard . You wouldnt know racist if it bit you in the butt. How the hell would that come off as racist? Robin is a VERY iconic character with an established look. A change that drastic would be terrible. Changes of skin color work with smaller characters like Harvey Dent, but a black robin would be retarded.
Don't be surprised if you get some kind of punishment for this. And I mean from this site's authorities.

The fact that you said the name of a character and then 'black' is enough for that, even if they admit that you might have not been racist at all themselves.

It happened to me when I suggested that a black version of a character would be a bad idea even when I stated clearly that I wasn't being racist and that it was a problem, as you say, of the iconic nature of the character.

Yeah, that ridiculous it is.

I hope you get luckier with it than I did.


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