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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

Originally Posted by <borkis>
I love Don Cheadle and all, but recasting a part is the death-knell of movie making.
Agreed. For example, the "Back to the Future" sequels were great and all, but Claudia Wells was so much better than Elisabeth Shue. I hate it when studios recast people, especially main and secondary actors.

How about Marvel puts in a little more effort to negotiate with Terrence Howard rather than just recast the role?
I definitely vote "yes" on this one.

The Dark Knight only got away with it because no-one liked Katie Holmes in the first place...
I actually liked Katie in "Batman Begins"; i thought she and Christian Bale had great on-screen chemistry. But that was the "pre-Scientology" version.

...there was so much hype around Ledger that they could have literally used a mannequin for Rachael Dawes and no one would have liked the movie any less.
I wouldn't take it that far. Like many, I really enjoyed Ledger's Joker, but I also liked Maggie as Rachel; she brought real authority to the role. I just wish they'd given her more to work with.

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