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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

Cheadle is the superior actor and performer, imho, and had he gotten the role in the first place...he would have been great for it...but from a continuity perspective, this is near disaster. WTF can't they figure out a way to make some peace, so that everybody gets a piece. I'm pissed at both Howard and Marvel for this bull$h!t...this is nonsense and a slap in the face of the fans. Howard's performance in IM as great, and he would have been better in this movie...part of it is for fans...we don't like change from what's already working...this sucks! There's some level of greed here somewhere...TDK has Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman. etc etc etc....And evidently, they are compensated acceptable...why can't Marvel and Howard had reached an agreement?

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