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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

Originally Posted by Doubledown44 View Post
Marvel really looks cheap. They tried to lowball Favreau and now this. Not good.

seriously now.

marvel put out the highest grossing movie of the summer, obviously after TDK

they're RAKING in cash. and then this happens?

first the whole hulk/norton thing, then the whole favreau/sequel timing thing, then THIS?

i get the hulk thing, it sucked and was stupid, but i understand the studio logic behind it (even though they were 100% wrong)

sequel timing is also a 'normal' thing. studio gets franchise, studio wants to milk franchise, biggie. standard politics

but this? howard couldn't have been asking for that much more. i mean he's not a pitt, cruise, hanks, dicaprio, etc...i'm really, REALLY curious as to what RDJ and favreau think, especially favs.

marvel has so much potential, and they're being such idiots about this.

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