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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

I donīt have a big problem with recasting - itīs still a movie, theyīre actors playing parts, not the actual characters, okay? - and Don Cheadle is sure a fine actor, even though I didnīt have a problem with Howard.

But I donīt like the idea that Marvel is being cheap with the talent. If you think it was the the huge popularity of Iron Man that made the movie such a smash, youīre kidding yourselves. It was the combination of all the talent that worked in the movie, including Favreay, RDJ, etc. In theory, FF and Hulk are much more popular comics franchises than IM, and their movies never came even close to IM, simply cuz they didnīt have quite the right people to pull them off.


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