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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by aturner View Post
The monorail was in TDK quite a few times and the pic above shows it. Look at what seems to be the white church spire on the left hand side of the image - the monorail runs behind that building. Pretty clear that it's in there.
yeah, pretty prominent in that shot. Let me get my telescope!

Ok, so they didnt get rid of it. But the point that many people are making is that the fact that the monorail wasnt seen in TDK (only visible to people who watched the movie 10 times and analysed every pixel) and the fact that the iconic W tower barely got some offchance screentime, coupled with the change in gotham's atmosphere and depiction, cut a lot of connecting strings between the two films for many people, myself included. BB was filled with shots of the monorail and W tower, and suddenly, we move to a city without them. What were really gotham's undistinguishable trademarks that would ring the viewer a bell? Those two. And the tower was barely there and the monorail was absent. It would have been soooo easy to include a shot of the tower at least. The fact that it played the role of background to the street fight doesnt mean that we saw much of it, nor that it contributed to TDK's gotham.

Sure, the character's from BB were there, but the city was vastly different. Not only did we lose the manor because of plot, but we lost the city's major trademarks. You guys can argue all you want about the monorail being there, but ask any normal moviegoer if he saw any train and he will answer no. Because in a shot full of buidings, three little lines in the far distance are barely visible. (also, when the joker is waiting to picked up, that train isnt gotham's monorail, but chicago's EL)

And finally, i will say what i always say about this subject. Nolan wanted the monorail out. He barely included it for consistency but i bet that he would have prefered it if he somehow could make a movie about batman in a real city, where his crime drama could be more realistic and affecting to the audience. And that way, we lost much of the iconic status of BB's gotham. Welcome to Blandtham where its all about plot. Iconic shots of the city or batman standing like a gargoyle arent important to the plot, so who cares?

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