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Default Re: Don Cheadle joins IRON MAN 2!!!

Originally Posted by Warhammer View Post
I hate recasts, especially for huge hit films that everyone has seen. However, there is a plus to this, because if there was anything wrong with Iron Man, it was Terrence Howard as Rhodes. Maybe Howard was told to act the way he did, or maybe not, but he sure as hell was not the tough ass Rhodes from the comics. Not only did he seem a bit punk-ish, but he did not have enough bass in his voice.

Do not get me wrong, Terrence Howard is a fantastic actor, but he was seriously more tough in Big Momma's House than in Iron Man. I hate recasts, but when the successor is a superior actor, it eases the pain. Go ahead, Don Cheadle.

First, if we're staying 'true to the source material' then Cheadle is better already. A dark skinned, highly intelligent military man who was the same size as Tony Stark.

Howard was far taller than RDJ, how was he supposed to fit in the Mark III armor? Also, like Warhammer, I have never, ever cared for Howard as Rhodes. Sure, he did a decent job, but he always seems so "soft" He never seemed to have that bravado that a tried and true soldier would have. To me, he'll always be that pimp from 'Hustle and Flow'.

And for those who say that this is the first sign of a bad sequel, you're insane. This is the first sign of an INCREDIBLE sequel! This is the 'Daniel Craig Replaces Bosnan' sort of headline. This sequel is about to be darker and deal with some issues that have some real weight. Demon in a Bottle is about to get the serious actors it deserves. Cheadle will blow this so far out of the water that you crying fanboys will leave the theater saying, "Who was that first guy again? He sucked!"

I can guarantee that Favreau and RDJ are excited about this. This is a real cast of A-Listers now! I can already see the on-screen dynamics between RDJ and Cheadle being incredible.

Oh, for those who think Cheadle needs to buff up, check out "Traitor".

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