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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

I am with DraXXXen... Depict Tony as tracking his illegally sold weapons to more insurgent groups (linked to Ten Rings... perhaps sister orgs)... While he is at it, he starts to find some freaky new age weapons (some energy weapons, that he tracks to Hammer). Throughout the film, IM has a run in with some techy thugs like Blacklash, Spymaster, Blizzard and Mach 1 (I would bypass the Beetle persona).

He eventually confronts Hammer and finds that he has stepped-in to provide weapons to the world, after Tony declared that Stark Industries is shifting away from weapons tech. There should be some reference to the Ten Rings, and their grand poobah (The Mandarin)... either explicitly, or just the context that these figures exist...

Then Hammer points out, "Look what you have done Tony... you gave the world a glimpse of the possibilities, with your fancy new Ironman get-up. Didn't you think others would try to follow??? That is the way it works... it is an arms race to the end. Now, seeing what you have achieved with your little power suit, I have sunk all of my R&D into new power systems, battle gear, and energy weapons... I have to thank you for giving us all some direction on the matter. What a brave new world lies ahead." (Hammer played by James Woods... I can see him nailing that delivery)...

He then introduces Crimson Dynamo... He points out that his new energy system isn't as effective as the Arc Reactor, but it is still revolutionary... and he has decided to make up for what the power source lacks by getting a real combat trained pilot and hand-to-hand fighting expert to don the armor (Turgenov or Petrovich). "Tony, your just an inventer... We know what you can do in the lab, but you are outclassed going head to head." But Tony's superior tech and resourefulness wins the day...

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