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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Probably a stupid thought, and it might have even been mentioned but the way I figure it it's logical they might move locations.

When I think about why they're in a different tower, I take into consideration that in Batman Begins, it was stated the tower was made into the unofficial center of Gotham where everything connects up.

After the events in Batman Begins, I was thinking it's entirely possible they didn't want to risk anything like that happening again so they switched locations, probably removed anything connected to water and so forth and maybe even removed the monorail from that location. From the looks of things it was going straight into the tower and having move from one building to another, they may have decided to remove parts.

To me, when they mention the monorail for the first time (Wayne's Father says it was made to unite the city, and at the center, Wayne Tower.), it was getting ready for the confrontation later with Ra's, since that's what he uses to get to Wayne Tower in the first place.

Since the Joker has no interest in either, then it'd be pointless to make it a huge part of the plus in The Dark Knight except to push in our faces a reminder that it's there. Instead from the pictures we've all probably seen by now, it's briefly shown to keep both films connected without saying "Forgot the Monorail?! HERE IT IS!". It was subtle, and I personally like that.

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