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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by deathfromabove View Post
the final showdown in both movies takes place on the same freaking street for goodness sakes!
We barely get a chance to see W tower when the confrontation happens. Of course the confrontation is the important thing, but what i am saying, is that Wayne tower was just barely seen in a scene that didnt have time to spare for scenery. Though, a good scenery shot could have made the fight more epic and less gritty.
just because it shows different parts of the city and has different color palate its not in the same universe??
For me its a sum of many things. One of them are the landmarks. The other is the direction itself. Nolan really changed his scope on the city. Remember Bats and Ras confrontation? Well the city doesnt have the same feeling as in TDK. I dont want to repeat myself, so to sum this up, in BB Gotham had a more picturesque and comicbooky feel. But not just Gotham, but the way Nolan directed too. It might have had many shots in the gritty Narrows but all in all it was kinda....cute if you get what i mean. It felt realistic, but also beautiful and inspired. Clayface could exist there.

Now its a sterile surgeon's table of a city. Detroit has more charm than that. The aerial shots lasted 2-3 seconds giving us less time to embrace it. The only lasting aerial shots were the one in Hong Kong (so not Gotham) and the one where batman hears about Patrick Harvey and Richard Dent which was a bad shot of the city to begin with. In this gritty and super realistic city i cant see how batman can even exist, not to mention Clayface.

Originally Posted by Brem View Post
Probably a stupid thought, and it might have even been mentioned but the way I figure it it's logical they might move locations.

When I think about why they're in a different tower, I take into consideration that in Batman Begins, it was stated the tower was made into the unofficial center of Gotham where everything connects up.

After the events in Batman Begins, I was thinking it's entirely possible they didn't want to risk anything like that happening again so they switched locations, probably removed anything connected to water and so forth and maybe even removed the monorail from that location. From the looks of things it was going straight into the tower and having move from one building to another, they may have decided to remove parts.
There we go again with people making their own assumptions. Might as well throw a Death Star in there.

Originally Posted by Brem View Post
Exactly. It was a piece of the Batman Begins story that brought on its conclusion.

In The Dark Knight, it's a public transport system, but all the main characters are using cars.
I consider it one of Gotham's jewels. It wasnt just a public transport on which they staged a confrontation. Along with the Narrows and the beautiful skyline its what makes this city special, comicbooky, different from GODDAMN CHICAGO, ITS WHAT MAKES IT GOTHAM. AND ITS WHAT MAKES THE MOVIE BEAUTIFUL. IN A MOVIE ABOUT BATMAN, I EXPECT TO SEE PLOT + ATMOSPHERE.
In bb there was no part of the city without the monorail. Now you tell me that all of the hundrends of places that this movie took us just happen to not have the monorail pass through them? Yeah right! The whole direction reeked of realism. Its much more than "the monorail wasnt plot related this time".

Coclusion: To me the difference in atmosphere between the two nolan movies is the same as it was in the burton ones. And i will keep supporting my point as long as the opposition does the same. Besides, who knows, maybe people from WB lurk these places. Maybe they will correct it in the third one.

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