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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by scifiwolf View Post
I read through this thread because I have been mildly curious about these things, but some of the other posters seem to really be bothered. I don't think either is needed. Gotham is so expansive, I'm kind of glad we're seeing more of the city in subsequent films.
Agreed. But its not like TDK gave us any new special places, except maybe the Docks (which really needed a great CGI aerial shot if you ask me) and the other tower of Wayne Ind.

All the other shots of it were crap. Bland buildings and random chicago corners. Nothing for us to keep remembering and admiring really.
People say that an abandoned amusement park would be too cheesy as a hideout for the joker (i beg to differ) but the point is that it would be something other than crap warehouses and detroit alleys.

I too want to see new parts of the city, but i'd like to see something that would stay with me when i leave the theatre. Maybe an impressive power plant, an abandoned amusement park, a picturesque or gritty neighbourhood. And above all, a directing style that lets me understand, navigate and finally embrace this city.

Sorry if i am whining too much brahs.

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