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Default Re: Titanium Man or Crimson Dynamo?

AIM could be good... as a prelude to events in the Avengers. I favor the Red Skull as the core villain, with AIM as his private army of scientists and mercenaries (he is another private contractor for military tech, and Blackwater'esque guns-for-hire).

I like the Hammer-tech-thug plot as a subplot to an overall triology arc that culminates to the Mandarin in IM3 (Hammer is the Ten Rings new weapons guy, and Hammer mentions to Tony, "I am going to take you down, overrun your company and compile all your technology into my own databases. Hey, a guy has to do what he can in order to keep up. Scary new things are coming down the pipe. You should see what this guy with the Ten Rings can do. Well, no matter... if he succeeds at his new world order, I am already sitting pretty as his goto guy for weapon systems. You on the other hand, aren't going to have a chair when the music stops.")

That builds up the Mandarin, but gives us a reasonable outlet to shine the spotlight on more new age tech, without seeming like a rehash. Not to mention, I think Obadiah's comment to Tony (when he paralyzed him) about, imagine a whole new age of weapons with this at the center of it all (looking at the Arc reactor)... was a hook for more tech in the sequel.

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