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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by deathfromabove View Post
rightly thinking its not a sequel? ok man please pass that over here. i want some of whatever it is you are taking.

the final showdown in both movies takes place on the same freaking street for goodness sakes! just because it shows different parts of the city and has different color palate its not in the same universe??

im sorry but dont need landmarks and obvious connections shoved down my throat.

oh my god! empire strikes back doesnt take place in the death star? an ice planet? how can they call that a sequel!!!???
Phrases like "almost as if" just go right over some people's heads.

I'm not saying because it was such a big part of BB that the monorail should be an equally big part in TDK but one clear shot of it when Batman drives underneath it to go save Rachel or something less subtle that a tiny 3 pixels (or film equivalent) on a shot of another random Wayne building.

As for your Star Wars thing, that doesn't work since Star Wars is in a whole Galaxy and Batman (for the most part) takes place in one city.

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