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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

I find Iron Man incredibly derivative. I thought the villain was an absolute bore and I thought the entire thing relied too much on special effects rather than presenting anything original. Downey Junior was really good though - possibly better than Bale.

I enjoyed Iron Man, but it's not my kind of movie. I'd probably give it a 6/10, I'd give the Hulk a 7 or 8 /10 and TDK a 10/10. TDK falls right in line with my tastes. Much like Transformer's, I just don't get the hype behind Iron Man. I did only see it once, though, so I might warm up to it. I felt the same about X-Men when I first saw it and I really like it now.

Disregarding how much you enjoy them, I don't see how anyone can say that Iron Man is a better movie than TDK. It may be more enjoyable than some, but it lacks the maturity, depth and strong story of TDK. There were moments of TDK that literally blew you away and emotional moments which were incredibly resonating. Iron Man never had that.

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