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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

Originally Posted by TheScarecrow
It may be more enjoyable than some, but it lacks the maturity, depth and strong story of TDK. There were moments of TDK that literally blew you away and emotional moments which were incredibly resonating. Iron Man never had that.
Coming from a Batman fan...

TDK never had any real character development for its lead, which was an annoyance. Bruce sorta wants to give up being Batman, and then has a fleeting moment of brutality, and he tells the audience about both of these things, but then Rachel dies and the writers make him jump hurdles. TDK also doesn't have a "story" after the part in Hong Kong, just a series of clashes with the Joker--which fits he's an "agent of chaos"--as well as some rather forgettable subplots, one of which is never resolved and the other introduced to apparently waste time.

I do agree with the bolded part, but also want to stress that Iron Man's aim was not meant to be serious or emotionally resonant, but entertaining. Perhaps when Iron Man 2 comes out, and the writers have perhaps covered stories like "Demon In A Bottle," we'll be able to compare on that front.

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