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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by Mr. Earle View Post
There we go again with people making their own assumptions. Might as well throw a Death Star in there.

I consider it one of Gotham's jewels. It wasnt just a public transport on which they staged a confrontation. Along with the Narrows and the beautiful skyline its what makes this city special, comicbooky, different from GODDAMN CHICAGO, ITS WHAT MAKES IT GOTHAM. AND ITS WHAT MAKES THE MOVIE BEAUTIFUL. IN A MOVIE ABOUT BATMAN, I EXPECT TO SEE PLOT + ATMOSPHERE.
In bb there was no part of the city without the monorail. Now you tell me that all of the hundrends of places that this movie took us just happen to not have the monorail pass through them? Yeah right! The whole direction reeked of realism. Its much more than "the monorail wasnt plot related this time".

Coclusion: To me the difference in atmosphere between the two nolan movies is the same as it was in the burton ones. And i will keep supporting my point as long as the opposition does the same. Besides, who knows, maybe people from WB lurk these places. Maybe they will correct it in the third one.
And there was me thinking we could leave the film with our own thoughts on how things may or may not have changed over the past few Months/Year between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Ok, so YOU consider it that. That doesn't have to apply to every other person who watched the film. There's a time period between both films where anything could have happened. For all we know, they could have decided to stop the Monorail altogether.

And it isn't more than it wasn't plot related. It wasn't. It would have been pushed into our faces to say "HERE IT IS!". Then you'd get the complete opposite. You'd be sat there with a big smile on you face, but someone else would be sat there thinking "What was the point?".

I'm still glad it isn't in there. Like I said, for one thing it'd feel like they're pushing it in my face to try and make me remember it still exists and another thing is it gives Batman Begins its own unique feel compared to The Dark Knight.

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