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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by Brem View Post
And it isn't more than it wasn't plot related. It wasn't. It would have been pushed into our faces to say "HERE IT IS!". Then you'd get the complete opposite. You'd be sat there with a big smile on you face, but someone else would be sat there thinking "What was the point?".
The point was to make Gotham a bit distinct from reality and to garnish it up. Then they decided to use it as a stage for a fight. So robbing one of gotham's most distinctive assets because "it would be in our face" is ridiculous to say the least. Yeah, lets get rid of the iconic exterior shots of the Daily Planet. We already saw it in Superman Begins. Whats the point in The Super Knight?

gives Batman Begins its own unique feel compared to The Dark Knight.
Well since the stories of the two movies are 6 months apart, forgive me if i want the tone to be continuous so that it bonds them. Perhaps you want the next movie to be different too. Lets model gotham after New Orleans now. Right?

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