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Default Re: What Happened to ... Wayne Enterprises, the Monorail

Originally Posted by Brem View Post
I have honestly never seen someone crying so much because one thing isn't thrown straight in your face.
Oh when someone is supporting his views he is crying? I dont see you quitting either.

The thing here is the monorail is there, sure for a moment, but long enough to let the audience know they haven't forgotten.
Yes, in like.... 3 pixels of a wide aerial shot. My god.... ITS IN MY FREAKING FACE!
Clearly you're not going to get over this, and just continue moaning until you're blue in the face.
So i have to accept your opinion and what Nolan did or i am a loser? No, i am displeased about this issue and as long as someone wants to talk about it, give me opposite arguements, etc, i will give my own and contribute to the discussion. So i dont have to accept anything, i can have my own opinion and if its different from yours or Nolan's please dont condescend me by tagging my posts as whining.

Seriously, i hope Nolan uses Paris for his Gotham in the third film because if i see even one building from TDK again, IT WILL BE FORCED AND IN MA FACE, OMG THE MOVIE WILL SAAAACK.

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