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Default Re: Anyone prefer Iron Man over Dark Knight?

How is a movie that has a 95% rating on RT, will gross $530 mil domestically and $1 bil WW, a performance by an actor that will be recognized with an Oscar nomination and has been mentioned as a possible Best Picture nomination overhyped? TDK is not overhyped, it lives up to the hype and goes beyond it. Had it been overhyped, then the numbers after the OW would have dropped significantly and ended with a financial take closer to SM3. But that didn't happen, this movie had a record breaking OW and amazing legs. An overhyped movie doesn't do that, a movie that lives up to people's expectations and surpasses them for some, and gets excellent WOM does that.

To answer the original poster's question, Iron Man was a fantastic film and has made its way into my top 5 favorite comic book films of all time. TDK, however, for me, is the cream of the crop and is now the gold standard for comic book films. And TDK I felt, transcended its genre to not only be an amazing comic book film but a flat out phenomenal film in its own right.

My preference:

But as another poster mentioned, this question would be better served in the Misc. Comics Films section.

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