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Default Re: Jim Lee, greatness or over estimated?

Jim Lee's sketches seem better then what has been published.
Originally Posted by CrimsonMist View Post
i disagree. Superman could have been a toothpick and he'd still be able to lift an airplane without effort. Batman needs to be bigger, simply because he's trained his body to physical perfection. Batman has to be buffer. So i don't really understand where you're coming from.

anyways, i don't think Jim Lee is that great. I mean, i like him, but a lot of his characters look the same(though i shouldn't complain. Steve Dillon's the same way and i love his work.) What really bugs me about Jim Lee's work is his colorist. He needs a new one. Everything Lee draws is always glossy and flashy. There's a big difference in mood between Lee's normal colorist, and that piece he did with Alex Ross. I'd like to see Jim Lee colored by someone else.
I agree completely. It is his colorists that really turn me off from his art. They make everything insanely flashy and bright. I don't find it particularly bright but it just doesn't seem to work entirely all the time.

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