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Default Re: Jim Lee, greatness or over estimated?

Originally Posted by Dark Victory View Post
Jim Lee: the most overrated person in comics.
I don't know, it'd be him or Frank Miller for me, ironic huh?

Anyway I like his art but agree it is overrated. Everyone looks too perfect to the point where even Leslie Thompkins looks like Selina Kyle, and I agree he needs a new colourist, I hate that flash. He is also very generic, I'd like to see him get his own style, the only truly unique thing with him is Hulk Batman. And then there's the faces, Gordon, Bruce, Tommy and Harvey in Hush literally all look the same.

I'm not bashing him, I like his art, but it is extremely overrated, evokes no true style or atmosphere, and he can't draw different looking people for acorns.

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