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Talking Re: Should Lana Lang be in the sequel?

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If this movie will be a direct sequel to Returns, then please have Lana and basically write Lois and Richard out. I love Lana Lang, and Smallville has mis-used her for sometime now. I always preffered Lana over Lois to be quite frank, but that has more to do with the kind of women I like. I always saw Lana as a represenation of the kind of life Clark would sometimes like to have, but knows he can't. The kind of life he would have if he did not have his amazing gifts and duty to the world.

The only thing Smallville did right with there version of Lana is the look that Kristin Kreuk posesses. I liked the change up from red head for two reasons. One, it seperates Lana from Mary-Jane Watson, and two, I don't really like red heads that much.
You don't like RED HEADS? That's blasphemy!