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Default Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll

Banna and Edward Norton and even Bale at a time were not sure to return.
Bale did return

Norton didnt appreciate the way he was treated. hes lucky hes talented because hes been known to be a spoiled.

Bana's Hulk wasnt continued.

Fiennes can certainly play Doctor Strange if we have a big actor for the villain
Fiennes can certianly play Doctor Strange regardless. Theres no reason he couldnt/shouldnt based on his abilities.

Check blade for an example .If it was not Snipes I`m not so sure the movie would be that big.
Before Marvel was a brand name.

You think like a producer. From what I read I feel like if you could have an awesome Dr. Strange movie with Ralph Fiennes with the possibility for no sequels or a medicore Dr. Strange movie with Keanu Reeves with the possibilty of three movies (completely hypothetical) you would pick Reeves.

Originally Posted by ANTOINE X View Post
Clooney is not responsible for a terrible batman3 it s shumacer the problem. Brad pitt is ok it s just that is size is a problem...especially for Thor...
I wasnt talking about anything specific by Clooney and Pitt just using them as general bankable names.

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