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Shock Re: Doctor Strange Casting Poll

Originally Posted by Rich Santoro View Post
I don't really view someone like Fiennes as a risk. He is recognizeable, and is a proven actor... He doesn't have major mojo like Depp or Reeves, but, as you said...

He is not the most popular guy at all... thus, a major hollywood name may heavily over-shadow the character. As in, Dr. Strange being seen as a Johnny Depp movie, rather than about Dr. Strange the character.

I think I prefer someone like Fiennes, but again... Jim Caveizel is my top pick.
You know this might be quirky enough for Depp to do it! And you know if he comes Burton would probably as well! Actually Guy Pierce might be more likely. Reeves and Walberg are both the same type of actors. It always seems like they'r playing the same character in every movie!

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