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Default Re: Should Lana Lang be in the sequel?

Originally Posted by The Kid View Post
Richard could marry Lana while Superman Marries Lois. That'd be perfect.
Originally Posted by The Kid View Post
Lana's Clark's best friend...maybe babysit for jason when he has to go save the world.
Originally Posted by BasinCityBlues View Post
It would make the Lois-Richard-Clark/Supes story far more interesting
Originally Posted by Timstuff View Post
If they were going to do Singerman 2, the only way I would have been able to see them putting love interest in there is if Superman moved on from Lois and went to Lana Lang instead.
In SR:
Richard--Lois and droopy-sad Supes--nobody.
Re-enter Lana Lang.
Option 1: Supes no longer sad; marries Lana. Later, something Bad happens to Richard and Lana and Supes and Lois finally marry.
Option 2: Supes and Lana agree they're over each other and are just friends. Richard falls hard for Lana, and vice-versa. Richard marries Lana, leaving Lois free to marry Supes.

The big question remains: who gets Jason?

Option 3: one big, happy family. After all, Richard's house is big enough for all five of them! Easy access to air, water, downtown Metropolis... Whoever's home--whoever else is home.

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